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Baiko Gakuin University

About the University
Baiko Gakuin University (BGU) has a history of almost 140 years, with roots in two Christian denominations: the Dutch Reformed Church of America, which established a mission school in Nagasaki in 1872; and the Presbyterian Church, which had a girls' mission school in Shimonoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecutre.

In 1914 these schools were combined and relocated to a central location, Shimonoseki, located at the very bottom tip of the main island of Honshu in Japan. BGU is a missionary school aiming to develop students who can contribute to local and global society. BGU has 3 schools and 4 divisions, and offers degrees in Japanese Literature, English Literature, Foreign Languages, and Elementary Education. In addition, BGU offers a special Japanese language program for non-native speakers within the East Asian Languages division.
Programs / Services for International Students
Students are able to learn from professional specialists about Japanese language and literature, perhaps more than they had access to in their home country. Courses are selected based on each student’s desire. Also, there are support systems to help students enjoy making their Japanese university life a meaningful one. In addition, students are able to learn about the local culture by participating in community exchange programs and events.
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