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Fukuoka University of Education

About the University
Fukuoka University of Education is the only university of education in the Kyushu area. Our university has established three “School of Education Courses” to educate future teachers, as well as three “Lifelong Education Courses” to cultivate and support educational leaders in society. The primary mission at FUE is to train highly qualified teachers. In the undergraduate courses, the able and professional faculty trains teachers who endeavor to become personable and who possess verified practical teaching skills on the basis of technical knowledge grounded in extensive practical education and academic scholarship.
Programs / Services for International Students
There are currently around 90 international students from 10 countries enrolled at Fukuoka University of Education. We provide various types of support for our international students such as orientation programs, Japanese language testing, a tutoring system, and lectures focusing on Japanese language and culture, as well as exchange programs with local communities in the area. We welcome students who have enthusiasm and the desire to promote the development of school education.
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Promoting Cooperation Department, Fukuoka University of Education
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