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Fukuoka Women’s University

About the University
Fukuoka Women’s University (FWU) was originally established in 1923 as Fukuoka Prefectural College for Women and it was the first public women’s college in Japan. Since its establishment, FWU has made a great contribution to society by its philosophy of educating the next generation of female leaders.

To pass on this important tradition to the future, FWU established a new faculty of International College of Arts and Sciences with 3 departments in April 2011: the Department of International Liberal Arts, the Department of Environmental Science and the Department of Food and Health Sciences. This new structure provides a practical education that aims to develop well- educated human resources with a global perspective and people who can solve the problems of current day society. This also contributes to the internationalization of its campus. In addition, through integrated education, students can develop various viewpoints and critical thinking-skills by studying a wide range of subjects, including both basic faculty- core subjects and special subjects from other departments.
Program / Services for International Students
Non-degree Programs in English
Program Name
» The World of Japanese Contemporary Culture Program (WJC)

Degree Programs in English
Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate School Name Program Name B
Graduate Programs
Graduate School Name Program Name M D
All foreign undergraduate students stay at the student dormitory with Japanese students for 4 years. The students have many chances to interact in their daily life.
dorm fee: 15,000 yen per month (4 students per room).

Academic Japanese Program (AJP) :
Japanese classes for foreign undergraduate students. The students develop strong Japanese skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing).
The World of Japanese Contemporary Culture Program (WJC) :
WJC is an international program for short-term foreign students from its official partner universities. In this program, students learn about and compare modern Japanese popular culture for one semester or one year.
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Admission, Public Relations and Career Support Center, Fukuoka Women’s University
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