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Kagoshima University

About the University
Kagoshima University is situated at the southern gateway of the Japanese Archipelago to the Asian region and is blessed with a rich natural environment of seas, volcanic mountains and islands. During the reform and modernization of Japan in the middle of the nineteenth century, Kagoshima produced many leaders who boldly took on the many difficult challenge of the time. In keeping with his unique geography and history, Kagoshima University aims to be a comprehensive university that contributes to society and the community in sustaining academic freedom and diversity, and in supporting the spirit of self-sufficiency and enterprise.
Programs / Services for International Students
Kagoshima University offers international students a program which aims at establishing solid foundation on Japanese language and culture, called Study Japan Program (SJP). In this program students can learn the basic structure of Japanese language and based on that, you will be able to acquire communicative competence of the language. We really recommend this program to conduct steady studies. Through this program students are expected to acquire the basic communicative ability of Japanese language, and academic expertise on Japanese culture and society which will lead deeper understanding of different cultures.
Non-degree Programs in English
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Study Kagoshima Short Stay Program

Degree Programs in English
Undergraduate Programs
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Graduate Programs
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