List of Universities in Southwest Japan

Kumamoto University

About the University
Kumamoto University is located in Kumamoto City, in the heart of Japan’s Kyushu Island. The University is one of the oldest universities in Japan, and now has 7 faculties, 8 graduate schools and 19 research centers/institutes (as of February 2013) that support a wide spectrum of educational and research activities.

Currently, the University is home to 8,049 undergraduate students and 2,038 graduate students, including 436 international students (as of February 2013). For over 100 years, the University has been at the forefront of culture, advancing science and technology, and contributing to the development of the Japanese educational system.
Programs / Services for International Students
Kumamoto University provides the Short-Term Exchange Program and Japanese Studies Program within one year for exchange students from its partner universities. And also the University provides Summer Program of two weeks for its friendship universities.

The programs for Master’s degrees and Doctor’s degrees in English that Kumamoto University provides are as follows.
* International Joint Education Program for Science and Technology (IJEP) at Graduate
 School of Science and Technology (GSST)
* Educational Course for Researchers for Eradication of AIDS at Graduate school of Medicine
* Course of Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine at Graduate school of Medicine

Non-degree Programs in English
Program Name
» Short-Term Exchange Program (Course I)

Degree Programs in English
Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate School Name Program Name B
Graduate Programs
Graduate School Name Program Name M D
» Graduate School of Science and Technology International Joint Education
Program for Science and
Technology (IJEP)
» Graduate School of Medical Sciences N/A  
Contact Info
International Affairs Division, Marketing Promotion Office , Kumamoto University
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+ Center for Globalization, Kumamoto University
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