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Kurume University

About the University
Kurume University has a close relationship with the local community and seeks to foster talented graduates who will contribute to society. We also grapple with current issues in Eastern Asia, including the decreasing birthrate and an aging population. The Kurume University, Beijing Educational Exchange Center endeavors to provide an academic exchange for students interested in studying with us, as well as providing help and assistance to those who have returned.
Programs / Services for International Students
The Japanese Intensive program was founded in 1999 for international students who desire to study at undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Kurume University. Exchange students from partner universities also can study the Japanese language at this Program. Degree programs are also available – Graduate (3 graduate schools) and Undergraduates (4 faculties).

We have several supporting groups for the international students, such as the International Students' Association and some supporting groups consisting of Japanese students. Each group aims to help students with the adjustment to a new life and facilitates them with international communication between Japanese students in Kurume. Several classes are offered entirely in English.
Non-degree Programs in English
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Degree Programs in English
Undergraduate Programs
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Graduate Programs
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