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Kyushu Sangyo University

About the University
Kyushu Sangyo University is a host to international students from 14 countries. The number of students is total of 10,965 students, 10,807 undergraduates, and 158 graduate students studying at campus.There are 568 international students mostly from China and Korea and the others from Taiwan, Malaysia, Nepal, Brazil, Vietnam, USA, UK, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, India, and Mongolia. At our creative campus, we provide a rich environment with a wide range of services for international students’ benefit. The Center of International Affairs holds regular cross-cultural exchange events.
Programs / Services for International Students
Non-degree Programs in English
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Degree Programs in English
Undergraduate Programs
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Graduate Programs
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Tutorial System :
Japanese student-tutors are available to help you adjust to your new environment, both on and off the campus. Your assigned tutors can answer any questions you may have. Our tutorial system provides assistance for both your academic study and daily life.
International Students’ Association :
This association promotes friendly relations among our international students. The association holds numerous events such as one-day bus tour, sports competitions, and it participates in university-wide activities including the annual festival.
Business Japanese class :
This class assists international students who plan to work in Japan after concluding their studies. The class covers not only the language you need but also the cultural knowledge and business manners that will help you succeed.
Contact Info
Center for International Affairs, Kyushu Sangyo University
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Last updated:July 5, 2013