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Meio University

About the University
In 1994, Meio University began as the sole privately managed university in Okinawa, established with public funds by Okinawa Prefecture as well as the 12 northern towns and villages which have the city of Nago as their center. In April 2010, Meio was reborn as a public university. However, from its very inception Meio has always espoused its founding spirit, “peace, freedom, progress.”
Programs / Services for International Students
The Language Learning Center (LLC) has been contributed learning Second languages. English learning has been provided by some international students while Japanese learners have been supported by native Japanese students. International students also have to live in a dormitory (95 accommodations available) that some Japanese residents (students) live as supporters for them with the assured security system. There are some activities and events held by a student organization called MOS* for the international students and it helps international students keep them active in the college life.
*MOS or Meio Overseas Students is the organization by the residents. There are some leaders from MOS and
they provide the opportunities for the international exchange experiences for both international students and Japanese students.
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