List of Universities in Southwest Japan

Nagasaki University

About the University
Nagasaki University is located in Nagasaki City, which is one of the most historical cosmopolitan cities in Japan. The University now consists of eight faculties/schools, six graduate schools, and two research institutes, and promotes distinguished research in such fields as tropical medicine, infectious diseases, and radiology. It has concluded academic agreements with 131 overseas research institutions to boost academic and student exchange. Also, in order to support more than 400 international students from 36 different countries, the University provides them with a variety of modes of assistance to facilitate their study and research. Nagasaki University also offers a one-year program where all classes are taught only in English.
Programs / Services for International Students
In order to meet international students' wide variety of needs, Nagasaki University offers two types of programs: the “Degree Program” and the “Non-degree Program.” As of May, 2013, there are about 400 students enrolled in these programs.
Non-degree Programs in English
Program Name
» NISP (Nagasaki University International Student Program)

Degree Programs in English
Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate School Name Program Name B
Graduate Programs
Graduate School Name Program Name M D
» Biomedical Sciences » Master of Tropical Medicine  
 (Nagasaki University Priority Graduate Programs)
Contact Info
International Exchange Division, Nagasaki University
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