List of Universities in Southwest Japan

Saga University

About the University
Saga University is undertaking various kinds of projects aiming to be the center of knowledge in Asia and appealing to a broad range of students, including those from abroad. We promote attractive campus life, strong academic support, advising in career education. Saga University also promotes world-class research projects and has unique research facilities that deal with crucial world-wide issues such as environmental, provisional, and energy problems. Saga University endeavors to be a university which takes roots in the community, allowing students and faculty to discover and solve various problems in close cooperation with local and international society.
Programs / Services for International Students
SPACE (Saga University Program for Academic Exchange) is a special program designed for international students from affiliated universities around the world. It offers unique curriculum consisting of Japanese language classes and courses in the student’s study major both in English and Japanese. Participating students deepen their knowledge and understanding of not only their major field of study, but also Japanese society and people through academic work and rich interaction with Japanese students and local people.
Non-degree Programs in English
Program Name
» Saga University Summer Program

Degree Programs in English
Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate School Name Program Name B
Graduate Programs
Graduate School Name Program Name M D
Strategic International Postgraduate Program(SIPOP)  
Contact Info
International Affairs division, Saga University
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