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University of the Ryukyus

About the University
The University of the Ryukyus is located in Okinawa, the southern part of Japan, and consists of seven faculties and eight graduate schools. Okinawa possesses unique regional characteristics that are shaped by its sub-tropical climate and its history of trade and exchange with the rest of the world during its days as the Ryukyu Kingdom. Taking advantage of its historical background and geographical characteristics, the University of the Ryukyus emphasizes education and research rooted in regional characteristics.

As a university with local and global features, our university has actively promoted international exchanges with academic institutions overseas, especially in the Asian and Pacific regions. To date, the university has concluded academic exchange agreements with 71 institutions in 28 countries and areas worldwide, resulting in a cosmopolitan and dynamic campus environment with many international students from all over the world.
Program / Services for International Students
Non-degree Programs in English
Program Name
» Short-Term Student Exchange Program (URSEP)

Degree Programs in English
Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate School Name Program Name B
Graduate Programs
Graduate School Name Program Name M D
» Asia-Pacific Engineering Design
Mechanical Systems Engineering  
Civil Engineering and Architecture  
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  
Information Engineering  
Material, Structural and Energy Engineering  
Interdisciplinary Intelligent Systems Engineering  
» Okinawa International Marine
 Science Program
Mathematical Sciences  
Physics and Earth Sciences  
Chemistry, Biology and Marine Science  
Marine and Environmental Sciences  
Admission to Undergraduate Programs by taking the EJU
[Pre-Arrival Admissions]:

The Pre-Arrival Admission system gives applicants outside of Japan the opportunity to secure admission to undergraduate programs at the university without the hassle of travelling to Japan for university entrance examinations. The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) is held in June and November annually by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). This system of application applies to the following courses: Mechanical Systems Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture.
Master’s and Doctoral Programs Offered in English
[Special Graduate Programs for International Students]:

The Graduate School of Engineering and Science offers Special Graduate Programs for international students. All course contents and research instructions are administered wholly in English.
Immerse in the Language and Culture of Japan:
Japanese language courses are offered at the beginner’s, intermediate and advanced levels. Students may select the course that is most appropriate to their language proficiency. At the same time, students may also study the history and culture of Japan and Okinawa by taking Japanese culture courses. In addition to admission as undergraduate or graduate students, international students may enroll for these courses as auditors (non-degree students).
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