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Yamaguchi University

About the University
Yamaguchi University has its origins in Yamaguchi Kōdō, a private school founded in 1815 by Ueda Hōyō, a feudal clansman of Chōshū Province. Since then, this academic institution has undergone several educational reforms and has always contributed to human resource development in the local community by being an important higher education institution in Yamaguchi. Consequently, the university has produced several talented persons who have played active roles across the world in their respective fields.“Yamaguchi University’s Vision for Tomorrow,” which was established in 2008, promotes international social cooperation activities and the enrichment of organizations and systems for internationalization. In October 2012, the university made the “Declaration of Promotion of Internationalization of Yamaguchi University” public and made every effort to promote it.
Programs / Services for International Students
Every July, Yamaguchi University hosts “Summer Program, Japanese Language and Culture!!” for international students studying Japanese in foreign countries with a view to offering them opportunities to enjoy the benefits of Yamaguchi University and Yamaguchi prefecture. This program is attended by about 35 international students every year. In this program, the Japanese classes are separated by level, from the beginner’s class to the advanced class, and students can choose which level to join depending on their abilities. Other than these classes, we conduct programs such as calligraphy and flower arrangement, which are not very common in foreign countries. We also have them participate in local festivals so that they can interact with the community people. Further, we employ Japanese students at Yamaguchi University as tutors to support Japanese classes. International students and Japanese students alike interact with each other and deepen international communication and ties.
Non-degree Programs in English
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Degree Programs in English
Undergraduate Programs
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Graduate Programs
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» Graduate School of Economics Social Science  
» Graduate School of East Asian Studies
 (Comparative Culture Course)
» Graduate School of East Asian Studies (Economy,
 Management and Law Course)
Social Science  
» Graduate School of East Asian Studies
 (Education Course)
» Special Program for Foreign Students in Bioresource
 and Environmental Sciences
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