Programs for International Students
Non-degree Programs

Short-Term Programs

Short-term study usually involves studying abroad while still being enrolled at a university in the student’s home country. This kind of study is based on exchange agreements between universities in different countries, and almost all Japanese universities have an inter-university
exchange agreement with a university overseas. The objective is not necessarily obtaining a
degree but acquiring a new language and gaining experience in a different culture. Usually,
the student receives education for a semester or several semesters within an academic year,
acquiring credits, or receives research guidance. However, some universities also offer summer
programs lasting perhaps six weeks (though some are as short as two) aimed at undergraduate
and graduate students from abroad.

In the case of exchange programs in Japan, it is generally the case that credits acquired at the
Japanese university are calculated into the credits earned at the exchange student’s home
university. Depending on the number of credits earned, the student graduates from their home
university once the standard number of years necessary for acquiring a degree has been reached.

Students wanting to become an exchange student at a Japanese university need to select an
institution from the Japanese universities with which their university has an exchange agreement. They then apply for student exchange at their home university. After going through screening at their home university, an application is made through that university to the university in Japan. Going abroad to study as an exchange student becomes possible once agreement has been obtained from the selected university in Japan.