The Living Experience

Beyond the academic aspects, the great appeal in studying in Japan is of course the experience of Japan itself – spending the time in a country and a culture that are somehow both familiar and completely unknown, a place in many ways rather near yet also somehow so remote.

Japan has its own beguiling charm: so many people from overseas come here intending to stay for only a short time, but they end up finding themselves unable to leave. For many young people who studied in Japan, the initial interest may have been something as casual as being intrigued by the dazzling pop culture that Japan has unleashed on the world – but then they find that the country has so much more to offer.

A frequently heard comment from both short-term and long-term foreign residents of Japan is that it is a very, very easy country to live in. The Japanese people have a well-deserved reputation for being inordinately polite in practically every social situation. All customers, both Japanese and non-Japanese, quickly become used to expecting first-rate service wherever they go – yet tipping is practically unheard of. Trains run fastidiously on schedule. Even the biggest cities in Japan have a level of safety and security with respect to crime that is arguably unmatched by anywhere else of a similar size in the world.

For the student, the time spent studying in Japan can offer enormous benefits beyond those gained directly in the class or lecture room. As well as building new friendships, enjoying life in a wholly different environment and getting to grips with a new culture, the student who becomes
conversant with that Japanese culture will find that their experience helps them see things with a wholly different perspective. And in addition to the gains in personal development, they will also find that they have now become a much more attractive commodity on the job market.