Support for International Students


There are various scholarships for international students wanting to study in Japan, but most coveronly part of a student’s daily expenses or tuition fees. Very few provide full coverage of expenses. It is usual, therefore, to think primarily in terms of self-financing. A limited number of scholarships may be applied for before arriving in Japan, but most scholarships can be applied for only after arrival in the country. Scholarship programs in Japan are mostly run by these four organizations: (1) the Japanese government; (2) the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO); (3) municipalities and international exchange promotion organizations; and (4) private businesses and organizations.

(1) Seven types of scholarships are available under the Japanese Government Scholarship
  program (run by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology –
  Monbukagakusho). Applications should be made through Japanese embassies or
  Consulate-General abroad or through Japanese universities.

(2) JASSO offers scholarships for privately financed international students that have been
  accepted by a Japanese university or college as well as offering scholarships for short-term
  study in Japan under student exchange programs. Applications should be made through
  Japanese universities.

(3) A large number of local governments and local international associations across Japan offer
  various scholarships to international students living in their district or those attending school
  in their district.

(4) Foundation scholarships are provided by private companies and organizations. They usually
  reflect the objectives and character of the company or organization and are granted to
  students attending school in a particular district, are limited to special subjects related to the
  enterprise, or are provided to students from a country or region with which the enterprise has