Support for International Students

Living Costs

Although Tokyo is one of the world’s most expensive cities, the cost of living is much lower in
southwest Japan. Even in Fukuoka, monthly living expenses are well under the national average, and it is over 25% cheaper to live in Fukuoka than in Tokyo. For international students resident in Fukuoka and other parts of Kyushu, monthly living expenses (including tuition) amount to around 114,000 yen (data from 2011), whereas the equivalent figure for Tokyo and the surrounding area is about 154,000 yen.

What many international students do to help ease their financial situation while studying in Japan is undertake part-time work. As long as the work doesn’t interfere with their studies, students from overseas are allowed to work up to 28 hours a week or up to eight hours a day during long school vacations. Over three-quarters of international students do in fact work part-time to help support themselves. According to JASSO, the national average of monthly income earned by these students is 72,000 yen.